Inspired by the stupendous success of the earlier editions, we are delighted to announce the next edition of Think Literature 2019 on 27th & 28th September, at the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Powai.

Come and join us while we pause to think and dream, while we discuss education not examinations, creativity not competition. Think Literature 2019 – Festival of Ideas will provide you an opportunity to interact and engage with the foremost artists, writers, thinkers and innovators from India and abroad.


Advisory Panel


    What is this life if, full of care,we have no time to stand and stare. ….W.H. Davies
    Our journey in this world is not merely a sum of our material needs. We have minds and souls that long for things beyond the everyday ordinary. We yearn for bonding, admiration, fulfilment, love and succour. We long for a world we can rejuvenate in…a world beyond exams, grades, interviews, appraisals, promotions, webinars and conferences. A world where time is aplenty…time to think, time to imagine, time to read, time to create and time to dream. We find this world in the arts. In bedtime stories and picture books; in paintings and sculptures; in cinemas and theatres; in epics and sagas...


  • Stories behind the strokes – a look at the inspiration behind works of creative artists
  • Use of Arts in enhancing team management and leadership skills at the workplace
  • India holds a fair advantage in cost of production and conversion costs in steel and alumina
  • Creativity, controversy and censorship
  • CXO picks – what do the captains of the industry consume as brain food
  • 30 seconds that can change your life – tackling social causes through sensitive advertising
  • Truth is stranger than fiction – real vs reel crimes and criminals
  • Liberalism vs nationalism – how Expressive Arts have changed in the past 7 decades
  • Erotic arts and its acceptance in our nation
  • Blogging and influencing – boon or bane
  • “Intolerance” Vs “False Narrative”
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